EPAL pallets

EPAL pallets

EPAL pallet (also referred to as Euro-pallet) is the most popular type of pallet used in Europe. They have specific dimensions (1200x800x144 mm) and can be manufactured only by licensed enterprises.

EPAL-certified pallets guarantee the following:

  • safe use,
  • convenient transport,
  • smooth storage,
  • possibility of planning load dimensions or weight carefully.

Every EPAL pallet is exactly 25 kg heavy and allows transporting loads whose weight ranges from 1000 to 1500 kg. It is primarily made from solid wood – this material is used to make top and foot elements. It is permissible to manufacture brackets from particle wood. EPAL pallets are suitable for multiple uses. They are made from natural materials and devoid of harmful chemicals, which is why they must be considered environmentally friendly.

JACK-DREW – EPAL pallets manufacturer

JACK-DREW is a certified EPAL pallets manufacturer. We produce them only from top-quality materials coming from State Forests. We also hold the EPAL certificate authorizing us to manufacture brackets. To see all documents, please go to the „Certificates” tab.

As a licensed manufacturer, we provide EPAL wooden pallets which comply with international standards. Modern machinery resources and well-qualified personnel guarantee smooth and timely production. We cooperate with Polish and European companies, supplying them with the best quality products.