Pallet transporting

Pallet transporting

Transporting pallets and other goods perfectly supplements our service offer. Using our own means of transport, we can provide our customers with safe and timely deliveries. Full truckload services are rendered throughout the country, and also in Western Europe, with special regard to Germany and Denmark. We are in possession of various vehicles and well-qualified personnel. 

Pallet transporting vehicles

Thanks to our diverse vehicle fleet, we can meet all customers’ needs. To transport pallets and other products by JACK-DREW, we use the following kinds of semi-trailers:

  • MEGA type – 34 pallet slots (102 m3),
  • MEGA type – 37 pallet slots (112 m3),
  • Jumbo-Tandem type – 38 pallet slots (120 m3).

We prioritize timely and safe deliveries. Are you from Poland or European Union? Please feel free to initiate cooperation with us!